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Your truck is your trusted friend for everyday work and for weekend recreation. So don't give up on your friend when your diesel engine fails. For substantially less than the cost of a new truck or a new engine, you can choose a fully remanufactured diesel engine from JASPER. Diesel engines from Jasper Engines and Transmissions are built in both complete and running complete formats for most vehicles. The live-run dynamometer test of every running complete diesel engine provides you with the assurance that you are installing a product that has been remanufactured to meet your expectations. Applications are available for Chrysler, Ford and GM trucks. There?s an art to remanufacturing diesel engines and JASPER has been refining its processes since 1942 when it built its first remanufactured gasoline engine. Call JASPER Owner Installer, McKenzie Automotive Repair in Madisonville Kentucky and rest assured that you?ll be able to depend on your trusted friend for a long time to come.

Get the facts about Jasper Engines, Transmissions, & Differentials


A question we get a lot is what's the difference between remanufactured engines (or transmissions) and rebuilt or used engines (or transmissions). Many people confuse rebuilt products with remanufactured (reman) products, and some may even assume that a used product will be a viable replacement alternative to their failed engine, transmission, differential or other component.

We install Jasper Differentials & Rear Axles


JASPER remanufactures a complete line of Rear Axle Assemblies and Differentials including Dana, Chrysler, Spicer, Ford, and GM. Most popular chassis applications are available for immediate exchange. Toyota and other manufacturer's differentials are available with one day in-plant custom remanufacturing.  Our team of automotive repair experts are fully trained to install Jasper Engines, Transmissions, Differentials, and Rear Axles.  JASPER also offers a complete line of medium and heavy duty differentials including Eaton, GM, Meritor (Rockwell), Navistar and Spicer differentials. Products include single speed, two speed and tandem units for on and off-highway applications. Other vendor models are also available through custom remanufacturing. Factory and distributor inventories together with a substantial stock of parts, allow us to provide overnight availability on over 500 models and ratios.  Talk to us about your vehicle today if you are having issues.

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